The Out Land Princess

The Out Land Princess

I have not render this girl in so long <3 One of my most favorite lioness OC's, "Zahara". What made me bring her back to light, I had posted a new chapter to my fanfic which included her as a cub and a cub Kovu.

This particular scene comes from the fanfic showing Zahara looking over her shoulder before making a run for it off into the Pride Lands with Vitani, Kovu, Kheri, and Tamu right along with her.

She is so beautiful here in this pose <3

Base/Render: Me(C).
Zahara, Tamu, Kheri: Me(C).
Original Image: Disney(C).

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January 12, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you! ^ ^

January 12, 2020
Israel Is not currently on the site
Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody

January 10, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you Bulb! :KiaraSmile:

January 09, 2020
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
So cute!

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