ThanksGiving Gift #3: Simon Ferocious

ThanksGiving Gift #3: Simon Ferocious

I have not created a image of these two in a long while and it has been WAAAAY past overdue. Sorry Simon for the delay! ^ ^ I hope you like the image of our boys!

I imagine based on our role play that Imari is telling Ashura all about his life and how doesn't live in a pride etc. :D

Base: Rethza(C), DA.
Ashura: Me(C).
Imari: Simon Ferocious (C).
Background: Prince-Voldy (C), DA.

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November 28, 2019
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Glad you like!:SarabiSmile:

November 28, 2019
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Rotten Image
It looks great :SarabiSmile:

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