Tears Of Sorrows

Tears Of Sorrows

This is a continuation to one of my previous images called, "Brother Talk" where here, we have Chinua's mate 'Audre'. This is her point of view of what had happened after their argument.

Audre is sobbing alone in a cave that she found hidden away. She needed to be alone and to calm herself down after their heated argument. She felt angry and upset mixed together. She wish none of this had happened and wish that her deceased newborn is still here. It would solve everything. She just wanted things to go back to where it use to be, her and Chinua being madly in love and happy together. She began to blame herself for everything, although she knows its not true.

After shedding a few more tears, her ears twitched to the sound of walking paws approaching the cave. Audre stopped crying and sniffed. She remained quiet. A scent smelled familiar, it is her mate Chinua coming to apologize after having a good private talk with his brother Kimoni. Audre surprisingly invited him in for them to both talk civil this time.

Audre, render, base: Me(C).
Original image: Disney(C).

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