"Take Care Of Him..."

Sarafina: "Take care of him, Mega..."
Mega: "I will Sarafina, I promise! Soon this will all be over. I hate that we have to do this secretly."
Sarafina: "I know Mega, but it is for the best and for our son's future. He will grow up safe and well taken care of at your pride...just promise that you will bring him here to visit."
Mega: "Of course, you have my word love!"

So, as said in Naade's bio, Sarafina gives Naade up for Mega to raise for his own good and protection since Scar is now King of Pride Rock and has brought the hyenas into the Pride Lands. This is danger for a newborn cub! Sarafina trusts that Mega will do good as a father.

Base: Aroshae(C).
Mega and Sarafina: Disney(C).
Naade: Me(C).

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