Stories Of The Past

Stories Of The Past

After a couple of days of hanging out added with good laughs and talks, Leal decided that tonight would be the first time she will open up more and allow Elimu in her personal life, explaining her past story about her big sister Sarafina and Leal's anxiety and depression disorders. After hearing the story, Elimu felt sadden and wish nothing but the best for Leal's recovery. He highly hope and pray that her big sister Sarafina will return back home, which would help heal Leal a lot. Leal thanked Elimu and politely asked him to share his personal background too. She understood if she did not want to share anything with her, but Elimu figured it would be right to share his story since she told him everything deep about herself.

Elimu started off with his happy childhood, then next his father. The story was going good, but changed rather quickly when Elimu mentioned about him almost drowning and his father saving him thankfully. But sadly, his father had never made it back to shore. Leal was so heart broken to hear the upsetting story that it made her shed a tear or two. She couldn't even imagined the thoughts and feelings Elimu had experienced at such a very young age. Elimu couldnt even go on to finish the story. His voice breaks and he tried to hold his tears.

Leal walked up to him close, standing beside him and said, "Elimu, it's okay. You don't have to finish..."

Elimu sniffed and said, "Thanks Leal..."

"I thought my life was worse, but I think you've beat me. You are such a strong lion to still stand here today, Elimu. I don't know what I would have done if I lost my father or both parents. I guess I rather be more grateful...."

Elimu made serious eye contact with Leal, "Which is why you need to return home Leal. Your parents and siblings need you. It sounds like you have a wonderful, caring family. You only get that once in a lifetime. Enjoy it while you still have it..."

Leal made a small smile, "Your right. Matter of fact, I'll go back tomorrow! Would like to come?"

Elimu looks unsure. "Me? Uh, I don't know..."

"Don't worry, my family is really nice and would not mind if I bring someone home."

Elimu chuckled at the thought, "Well Leal, I think they would mind you bringing home an unknown stranger that you've met randomly out here. But alright, I will come if it'll make you happy."

Leal squeals exictedly, "Yay! This will be great. Who knows, they might offer you a home..."

Elimu doesn't say anything but smile.

Elimu and Leal: Me(C).
Base/Render: Truelightportal(C), DA.

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