Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Enam and Kyon are returning back to their private den after sharing a hunt together. Kyon is starting to feel much comfortable now around Enam and her interests are extremely high. He has been so sweet and kind to her since the first day they've met. She thinks of him as a gentlemen and feels safe each time he is around; enjoying his company. Plus, having her daughter like him too is a bonus that he is worth keeping permanently!

Kyon: 'Oh Enam, thanks for everything! I truly do appreciate you. You have been so kind and amazing towards Nasra and I.'

Enam: 'Any time, Kyon!'

Kyon: **Pulls in for a very close, affectionate nuzzle and rub** 'I want you to stay with us.'

Enam: **Feels off guard by her sudden flirtatious actions** 'Stay as in permanent?'

Kyon: **Purrs** 'Yes. Nasra adores you a lot! It would be lovely to see her grow knowing that she has both parents to look up to. Plus, I also like you too! I know it has'nt been long enough for us to-'

Enam: **Licks her cheek and purrs too** 'I like you too Kyon, of course I will stay. Nasra is like a real daughter to me, she will be so pleased by the news!'

Enam: ME(C).
Kyon and Nasra: Sierra (C). (TLK Animation Source).
Background: Disney(C).
Base: TrueLightPortal (C) (Deviant Art).

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