Stay Here

Stay Here

Just a image of Hami "supposedly" baby sitting a cub Nuka and Dotty. But he wanted to finish his job in the Pride Lands for Zira. She warned him that if he doesn't, he will be exiled from her pride and to never see Amne again. But how can you finish the job when you got two cubs with you?!

Nuka and Dotty wanted to join him but Hami declined. He thought that it wouldn't be safe to bring the cubs along and have them "maybe" witness a murder. Although, someday they will have to learn how to kill either way when they are older. But now is not the time for lessons.

Nuka: "Hami can we come too, please!" *begs*

Hami: "No Nuka, this is dangerous for you both to attend. Stay here where I can locate you when I return."

Dotty: "Ugh, your'e so not fun!"

Base: YunoGBases (C) (Deviant Art).
Nuka, Dotty, Background: Disney(C).
Hami and Amne: ME(C).

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