Something Is Not Right

Something Is Not Right

Oyanna: **Looks at her sister Amne with worry and concern** "Amne, what is wrong?"

Amne: **Looks sadden and disappointed** "Oyanna I am nervous about Hami. We dont see each other as much since Zira has been using him a lot to spy on the Pride Lands and do some guarding patrols around our territories. I am starting to believe that there isnt any hope for me and him anymore..."

Oyanna: **Nuzzles her sister** "Dont think of it as a negative way. Zira is smart, she knows what she is doing with Hami. He is the only male lion that we have in our pride, meaning his much stronger than us lionesses. He is perfect in helping us!"

Amne: "I understand that he is helping our pride, but...that is not the reason why he joined. He joined to be with me, not a servant..."

Base: RoseQuartzBases (C).
Background: PrinceVoldy-TLK (C).
Amne, Oyanna, and Hami: ME(C).

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