'She's not coming back!'

'She's not coming back!'

It was evening. Isabis has just finished the last of her scout duties and was heading back to the pride's den. She wanted to get a drink of water first and happened to find her brother Davu at the watering hole sitting alone. He was staring up at the stars, saying a few words to himself. Isabis approached him from behind silently. He can hear her foot steps and turned himself slightly around.

"Isabis? Done with your scout duties huh?" He asked.

"And I see you are done with your multiple duties as well, Davu. I am actually quite stunned to see you still awake at this moon hour...what are you doing away from the den?" She asked, concerned. She took a few sips from the water and plopped a seat next to her brother.

Davu sighs and looked back up at the stars again. He looked worried and unsure. "Just thinking of our sister again...I was talking to the stars, asking for them to watch over Sarafina and asked if she can just come back home to us one last time..."

Isabis rolled her eyes, "You and Leal are still having a hard time letting go I see..."

Davu furrowed his brows, "Just because you and dad are able to get over our sister quickly, doesn't mean some of us have to follow. Sarafina meant a lot to all of us."

Isabis snorts, "Well obviously she doesnt feel the same way. If so, she would have been came back."

"I am starting to get worried and feel that something bad is going on at Pride Rock. We should go pay a visit and see."

"We? Im good, have fun."

Davu became irritated, "Why are you behaving that way about our sister Isabis? What happened to you? You and Sarafina use to be great towards each other. Yeah so what she stopped coming around more to visit our family. She has her own life out there in the Pride Lands with her cubs. You don't know every thing she has been going through that she told me last time and I am sure it is a lot more going on out there now that we do not know."

Isabis also became irritated and replied, "You're right about that Davu, which is why I am not interested in learning. Sarafina behaves like we are not her family any more. She thinks shes too good to be with us, now that she is very close to the royals at Pride Rock. It has always been that way for a long time and it's just now coming out to the rest of you. If Sarafina ever returns, i'd be shocked. Anyways, I had enough of this conversation...I am going to bed. Coming along?"

"No...I rather sleep here for the night. I need time alone."

"Suit yourself."

This scene takes place before the siblings knew about Scar taking over the Pride Lands and forbidding anyone from leaving Pride Rock, which explained Sarafina's weird absence fro visiting her family.

Davu and Isabis: Me(C).
Base: Teal-Quil(C), DA.

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