Running From Danger

Running From Danger

Here we have Aalin ''running from danger'' just like the title says.

Poor Aalin was trying to return to the Pride Lands after learning from "The Lake" Pride's leader that her father, "King Mufasa" had died months ago and they were just informed the news by Rafiki. Rafiki is the only one from Pride Rock who knows about Mufasa and Sarafina's secret child (Aalin).

Aalin is torn and wish she could have had the chance to speak to Mufasa or see him before he died. But her mother yet, is still alive. She wanted to pay a surprise visit, but her visitation was not welcoming. Scar knows of Aalin, but never seen her. He caught Mufasa and Sarafina before talking about her.

He sent the hyenas to chase her away from his kingdom and to be made sure that she is dead, just the way he did with cub Simba. Aalin ran for her life and was thankfully able to escape thanks to "Zaire" who she meets and saves her life.

Aalin, Zaire: Me(C).
Base/Render: Me(C).
Original Image: Disney(C).

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