Request For: Roni

Request For: Roni

Whelp, here ya go Roni! Per your request, you wanted an angry Kion including Tiifu and their daughter Utu. By the way, I love Utu's adorable hair-tuft. It was a challenge drawing it, since I am not so good yet with hair tufts haha. I hope you like it !^ ^

Base: TruelightPortal (C), (Deviant Art).
Kion and Tiifu: Disney(C).
Utu: Roni (C), (animation source).

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October 01, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
No problem^^

September 30, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Iím glad you like it, it was fun to do :mdr:

September 30, 2019
Israel Is not currently on the site
Wow. I adore it^^:SimbaSmile:

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