Private Talk

Private Talk

When I found this base, I quickly pictured Kimoni (father of Leal) and Elimu (Leal's mate) having a first time talk privately away from the pride. Kimoni is not a strict/mean father, rather laid back and super friendly. But just like any father when it comes to his daughter's love interest, he is going to always be involved and make sure that his daughter is making the right choice and is feeling happy about it.

Kimoni wanted to get to know Elimu more and where he was from, since Leal never mentioned it. She only told her parents 'snippets' about Elimu, respecting his privacy and story. The two lions walked around side by side having a good talk. Kimoni discussed about how him and his brother Chinua became leaders of the pride, how large the land is, how does the pride work, rules, etc. Elimu listened and understood everything. Kimoni offered Elimu a job as a 'warrior' if he wants to stay. Elimu said he will think about it and get back to him on it. He of course shared to Kimoni about his terrible, saddening past about his birth pride and father. Kimoni just like Leal, felt emotional and wish nothing but positive and strength for the lad.

Next, Kimoni brought up Leal. He wanted to know what Elimu's true intentions are and if he sees a possible future between them. Elimu admit that him and Leal have never openly discussed that subject yet. He can easily sense that she feels the same way about him though. There is definitely sparks in the air. Kimoni urged that Elimu should talk to Leal about it, giving him the friendly okay that if the two do become mates, Elimu has Kimoni's acceptance. He thinks he is a good guy.

Kimoni smiled, "I think my daughter would be really thrilled if you told her how you truly feel about her. She seems to like you a lot Elimu. I have never seen her this happy in a long time since my eldest daughter Sarafina was here...she was Leal's happiness then..."

Elimu looked down at the ground nervously as they continued walking and said, "Your'e right sir, I should. I just don't know what to say yet. I am afraid of messing up..."

The lion laughed and said, "It is okay to feel that way. I can tell this is your first love, is it? Every lion has been there and please, just call me Kimoni."

Elimu silently blushed.

Base/Render: BlackToxicLioness(C), DA.
Elimu, Leal, Kimoni: Me(C).

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