Paying A Price

Paying A Price

Sitka accidentally stumbles himself inside the hyenas territory (unknowingly) and is injured from the fight. Kama spots him for afar limping home and rushes over to his aid.

Kama (worried): "Hunni, what happened? Are you alright?!"

Sitka (nods, standing weak): "Yeah, just a small injury I have gained from a couple of hyenas. Nothing serious thankfully! My left leg hurts badly..."

Kama (Tries to help him stand correctly): "What were you doing alone with hyenas? You could have been killed! Sani, Noni, and I need you alive."

Sitka: "I had no idea I was close in their land. That will never happen again trust me! I was just curious and wanted to explore more out of our land to see what was on the opposite side. Only a fool would stumble into a hyena territory..."

Base: GaaraSabakuno1001 (C), (Deviant Art).
Sitka and Noni: Sierra (C).
Kama and Sani: Me(C).

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July 27, 2019
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I know :(

July 27, 2019
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Poor Sitka :(

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