Not The Same Guy

Not The Same Guy

(Okay, so clearly I was lazy to add a background here haha!)

Amne has notice for a while now about Hami's sudden change of behavior lately. He is not the same lion who she had fell in love with. He spends majority of his time with Zira as she tries her hardest to brain-wash him into attacking the Pride-Lands. Amne dislikes this a lot and wants the old, fun enjoyable Hami back that she once knew.

Hami, Oyanna, and Amne are on their way back home after sharing a quick hunt together. This is the first time in a couple of days since Amne is able to spend time with her 'boyfriend' Hami. Apparently, Zira must have given him a rest day today. Amne has been feeling bothered lately and decides to come clean about her feelings.

Amne: "Hami, what has happened to you?"

Hami: (Raise a brow) "Huh? What do you mean?"

Oyanna: (Looks puzzled) "What's going on, sis?"

Amne: "I've noticed how distant you have been from me spend so much time with Zira training hard. I am worried about our relationship. Do you still want to be with me?"

Hami (Nuzzles her): "Of course I still want to be with you, Amne! We've discussed this many times before. You know I have to do this for Zira to claim my spot in this pride; if I want to stay here and to keep you. It sucks yes I know, but after a while I will be done and return back to you full-time. Just please be patient for me!"

Amne (Sighs): "Alright, I trust you..."

Base: DahDahCaNNibal (Deviant Art).
Amne, Hami, Oyanna: ME(C).

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