'Im Pregnant!'

'Im Pregnant!'

Saabira: "Taka, I have something to tell you..."
Scar: "What is it, Saabira?"
Saabira: "Im pregnant! Your'e going to be a dad soon!! Rafiki confirmed it earlier when I had stopped by his tree..."
Scar: "Did you say, pregnant??"
Saabira: "Yes! We're going to have our own little family just like Mufasa and Sarabi. Little Simba will have a cousin to play with soon..."
Scar: "Oh uh...yeah...sure..."

So as said in Saabira's bio, Scar isn't thrilled or pleased by the news of him becoming a father. He's not ready to be a parent and thought of fatherhood terrifies him which results in the end, him neglecting the cub and causing an end to his and Saabira's relationship.

Saabira: Me(C).
Scar: Disney(C).
Base: Tytos (C).

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