I Am Hurt

I Am Hurt

(I always favored Simba's original design/colors from TLK 1 movie which is what I used here :D).

This scene takes place shortly after Simba and Nala had reunited. Young adult Simba is on his way back to the Pride-Lands to defeat Scar in winning his place as the rightful King. Before leaving the jungle resort, he wanted to say his last goodbyes to his 'close' friend Kama. He finds her alone, her light cream furry face stained by tears.

Simba (slowly pads his way up to Kama): "Kama?"

Kama (sniffs, does not turn around to face Simba): "Y-Yes? What do you want Simba?? Shouldn't you be with your new girlfriend???"

Simba (Lifts a brow): "Girlfriend?! Who Nala? No, she left me after our argument. I am about to leave the jungle and return to my homeland to take my place back as King. I wanted to make sure that I say goodbye to you Kama before leaving...thank you for the fun memories we had as cubs and growing up. Those were the best times shared that brought me back to life after experiencing my father's death."

Kama (gives a weakened smile): "Your welcome Simba. Good luck getting your title back!"

Simba (hugs her and then runs off heading towards the desert): "Thank you."

Little did Simba know, Kama is secretly expecting his first born (Sani).

Base: Aroshae (C), (deviant art).
Kama and Sani: Me(C).
Simba and background: Disney(C).

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