'How Do You Know My Father?!'

'How Do You Know My Father?!'

Zira: "Kheri, have you seen Kovu around here lately?"
Kheri: "No my Queen, why if you do not mind me asking?"
Zira: "He has been missing here for days, I know you and Tamu have a part in this. Tell me now where is my son!"
Kheri: "I have no idea where Kovu is, he barely tells us when he comes or leaves. He just randomly shows up whenever he wants..."
Zira: "Hmmm, he's in the Pride-Lands isn't he?"
Kheri: "No..."
Zira: "Kheri I am no fool. Your body language is showing me you know something and purposely not notifying me what is. So let me ask this again, is Kovu IN the Pride-Lands now as we speak with that Princess?!"
Kheri: "No my Queen. I would not lie in front of you like that..."
Zira: "But you lying now Kheri. I have known you since you were a small cub, always playing and taking up for my son's mischievous behaviors...If you do not tell me where Kovu is, then I wont reveal to you that I know who your father is."
Kheri: "How do you know my father?!"

Base: HN310(C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Disney(C).
Kheri: Me(C).
Zira: Disney(C).

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