Grandma or Queen?

Grandma or Queen?

I was dying to find a good Simba, Nala, and young Kiara base to fit my imagination into and...AT LAST! I have found an excellent one for my little story-line :D.

So, I began thinking since little Chandi (SaniXNaia) would often visit the Pride-Lands with her father Sani (KamaXSimba) to visit her royal grandfather King Simba, what if Chandi is starting to figure out her father's relations and how should she would fit under Pride Rock's family tree. She questions herself thinking since Simba is married to Nala, wouldn't Nala possibly become her second grandmother or just a Queen? I can see Nala being very mature and kind to Chandi, knowing that she is from Simba's son (Sani) family. She didnt care about that at all and understand the full story from what Simba told her. She trusted her mate and believed every word. Besides, she favored Chandi a lot as if she is actually her real grandchild.

So little Chandi was brave enough to stumble upon the King and his wife at the Grass-Lands, while her father Sani is back at Pride Rock mingling with his half royal siblings Kiara and Kion. Sani strongly trusts Chandi with Simba knowing that she will always be safe under her strict watch.

Chandi: "Grandpa, can I ask you something?"

Simba (smiles down at the adorable cub): "Yes Chandi?"

Chandi (looks down at her paws shyly): "Well since my daddy is your son, which makes you my grandfather...what makes Queen Nala to me? You guys are married right?"

Nala (Chuckles at the cub's curiously and smiles warmly): "I knew this would come out sooner or later, but I did not expected it so sudden at your current age. Sweetie, I have no relations to father. If your father was my son, then yes I would also be your grandmother."

Chandi (confused): "So then what are you?"

Simba (Chuckles): "Nala is known to you as my Queen, that's it."

Chandi: "Awwww, that would have been also cool to have a grandma as Queen too!"

Nala (Pats the cub's head and grins): "I know hun, but hey if it makes things any better...I dont mind if you do call me grandma from time to time. I always did dream of having grand-children, although my kids have plenty of time to settle down themselves."

Chandi (hugs Nala and smiles big): "Oh thank you!"

Base: Aroshae (C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Disney(C).
Simba and Nala: Disney(C).
Chandi, Naia, and Sani: Me(C).

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