First Meeting

First Meeting

Sani finally arrives in the Pride-Lands to discover who his father is. All he knows is his father's name "Simba" and where he lives. He has no idea what the guy even looks like, but has been told by his mother "Kama" that Sani resembles his father 99.8%. So that gives him a hint.

While walking cautiously through the gorgeous land, Sani stumbles himself into a group of lionesses (most of them young with two older ones). Queen Nala is one of the two mature older lionesses and she is the first to encounter Sani. She did not threaten him at all and asked him respectively who he was. Sani of course (not knowing that this is his step-mother) revealed himself kindly and asked for Simba.

Nala is hesitant at first and eyes the young adult male suspiciously. She notices that he favors Simba a lot which is very strange to her and her minds begins to wonder. She told Sani can go get Simba and to stay put. After a few minutes, Nala returns with a confused Simba along her side.

Sani was indeed very nervous in meeting his father. But he expected for it to not be an easy welcome though. He is prepared for it all. After trying to recover Simba's memory of him and Kama living in the jungle together and etc, it all made sense now. Simba finally believes that this is his son, a separate litter from Nala his first ever born.

Base: Truelightportal (C), (Deviant Art).
Simba, Nala, and background: Disney(C).
Sani: Me(C).

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