First Date

First Date

Sorry guys that I am constantly flooding my page with a lot of images of AmneXHami lol. I adore them soooo much and I just love writing them in my fan fic too! <3 They're such a cute young couple to me like omggggg. I am totally obsessed hehe!


Amne and Hami are out enjoying their very first night together "alone" without Amne's big sister Oyanna's supervision. She now officially trust Hami with Amne and accepts their growing relationship. The two young love birds are out star gazing with laughter and lovingly smiles; enjoying each other's company.

Amne: 'I am so glad that you have joined my pride, Hami. These first few days with you here has been absolutely fun and amazing!'

Hami: 'I agree! I love being here. It feels good to step outside of your comfort zone to try new things. I feel so fresh and renewed! I dont have to worry about any royal meetings, trainings, or schedule to be home at a certain hour. I feel free!'

Amne: **giggles, then meets her hazel eyes with Hami's mint green ones** 'Haha, cool! But dont you feel homesick at all Hami? I know you miss your parents and brother...'

Hami: **Sighs heavily** 'Yeah Amne, I still do miss home. I think of them a lot...but leaving there was for the best! I have to start my own story (future) and that is with you.'

Amne: **Blushes** 'Oh Hami!'

Amne, Hami, Oyanna: ME(C).
Base: BlackArtKitty (C).

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