Find Your Father

Find Your Father

Ever since Sani had returned home to his family for a short while, Kama (his mother) have been doing some catching up with her son. She decided to go on a private afternoon stroll with him learning more about his adult life.

Sani (He ends the story): "So, that is basically the update of my life..."

Kama (interested): "Wow, well I am glad that you are doing great and surviving well Sani! I thought of you everyday hoping that you are alright."

Sani (nod his head, then looks over to the side clearing his throat nervously): "Yeah uh, mom can I ask you something? Sorry to change the topic so suddenly!"

Kama(Nods too and smiles): "Of course son! What is it?"

Sani (Flicks a small rock with his paw and looks nervous): "Do you know where my father lives?"

Kama (Stunned): "Uh yes, I do...why you asked?"

Sani: "It is time for me to meet him."

Kama (sighs, her eyes dropping down to her front paws): "I dont know Sani...there is a reason why I never allowed you to meet him when you were a cub..."

Sani (furrow his brows): "And why is that?"

Kama: "Because your father has another family. He is married with two cubs, your half royal siblings."

Sani (shocked): "Royal? Siblings? You mean, my father and his said of family are royalty?!"

Kama (is silent and nods her head slowly).

Sani: "Which means I would have been future King if-"

Kama (cuts him off and half smiles): "Yes, but it does not matter anymore. Your true family is here!"

Sani (saddens): "But mom, I would like to meet dad and his family. I am also a part of him too! You always said I favor him so much."

Kama: "Yes, you do...well your an adult now. If you really want to go find your father go on. His name is Simba....he lives at a place called Pride Rock in a famous land known as the Pride-Lands. It is not too far from us but will require a long walk."

Sani (hugs her smiling): "Thanks, mom!"

Base: Aroshae (C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Naoki (C), (deviant art).
Sani and Kama: ME(C).

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