Final Goodbye

Final Goodbye

This scene takes place after the battle between the Outsiders Vs. Pride-Landers. Kovu wanted to make one last visit in the Out-Lands to see an old friend/lover before he joins Kiara and the others at Pride-Rock (his new home officially). He wanted to say his final goodbyes to Zahara. She was one of the few lions who decided to stay in the Out-Lands and refused to join Simba's Pride. She did not feel comfortable doing so.

Zahara was shocked that Kovu returned to the Out-Lands just to see and speak to her for one last time. Although, she was not interested in seeing him again. She is still badly hurt for when he left her for the Princess. She wants nothing to do with him honestly. But deep inside, Kovu will forever feel and have a thing for her. She was indeed his very first mate (since birth, because they were betrothed). He will always remember their childhood and growing up together.

But Zahara again, doesn't want to remember anything of their past and just wants to start over hopefully in a new relationship (possibly with Kheri). Kovu respects her wishes and turns around heading back to Pride-Rock. Zahara runs away in the opposite direction with tears. Kovu sighs deeply and looked back, watching her go. It was hard, but he must move on. Little does he know, she is secretly expecting his cub or 'cubs'.

Base: SirOutlaw(C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Prince-Voldy (C), (Deviant Art).
Kovu: Disney(C).
Zahara and Kheri: Me(C).

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