Feeling Uncomfortable

Feeling Uncomfortable

Hami, who in this image is a full adult lion with a late teen/early adult Vitani. Zira assigned Hami to train Vitani to better up her hunting/fighting skills, since Zira is often busy training her brother Kovu on how to be a powerful King someday.

While out training on this particular day, Vitani wonder why her mother is the way she is noticing her sudden change towards her and Nuka both. Zira was always unkind to Nuka, but now it is starting to rub onto poor Vitani which she is beginning to dislike and feel uncomfortable. She sees how Zira favors Kovu highly over her and Nuka. She always thought she would always be mummy's sweet little princess...but now those days are over.

Random thoughts scan Vitani's mind as she kept herself quiet. Hami notices how a peep never escaped her mouth and becomes concern.

Hami: "Tani, are you okay?"

Vitani: "Yes, I am fine Hami. I was just thinking privately to myself... nothing bad or important to worry of."

Hami: "Oh okay! Normally, you would ask me many questions or up-beat when it comes to practicing your fights. Today you seem pretty mello..."

Vitani: (Sighs) "Its just...I see how my mother acts now towards Nuka and I. She values Kovu more over us. It use to be me and Kovu...now Im with Nuka. It kinda hurts because since I am her only girl, I thought that I would be mummy's favorite forever. Now thats gone!"

Hami: (nods sadly) "I understand. But there's no need to get sad about it. You knew this day would come. I told Nuka the same thing when he was younger. Zira is doing what is best for all of you. She needs to grow a bigger bond with Kovu to help him focus on what needs to be done. She still loves you and Nuka no matter what!"

Vitani: "Yeah I know...sometimes I just wish I could go back in time just to feel her warmth and love again..."

Base: ChubNarwhalBases (C).
Hami: Me(C).
Vitani and Background: Disney(C).

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