Everything Will Be Alright

Everything Will Be Alright

Amne: "I am scared, Oyanna."
Oyanna: "Why is that Amne?"
Amne: "What if leaving the Pride Lands was a bad decision for us? Will we survive without their help?"
Oyanna: "We had to do what was right for our future. We need a better start! I honestly think we would not be happy living there any longer since mother is now gone..."
Amne: "That is true..."
Oyanna: *Hugs Amne* "Everything will be alright."
Amne: *Returns the hug* "I surely do hope so sis!"
NOTE: If you've read my wattpad fan-fic, you will understand where this scene is coming from :D
Base: wikatoria71 (C), (Deviant Art).
Amne and Oyanna: Me(C).

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Thank you so much!! :TLKlove:

July 01, 2019
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Aww! Lovely sisterly bond :icon47:

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