'Do You Think He Likes Me?"

'Do You Think He Likes Me?

Sani: "Do you think dad likes me?"

Kiara (Chuckles and smiles): "Of course daddy does! He talks about you non-stop to our mother and me...However, Kion is the one that is taking it a bit hard. But dont think of it as bad thing Sani! Just give him some time, he will come around before you know it. He is just shocked that daddy would have a child not by our mom..."

Sani (sighs): "Yeah I know, but remember that occurred before you two were even born Kiara."

Kiara (nods): "I am aware big brother. Kion is the only one who has not figured that out yet..."

Base: Aroshae (C), (Deviant Art).
Background: TLK2 Scene (C), (Disney).
Sani: Me(C).
Kiara and Kion: Disney(C).

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