Hami is handling 'dirty' business in the Pride Lands following one of Zira's sneaky tricks. Surprinsly, he made it almost close enough to the tall, huge magnificent rock (Pride Rock) without being noticed yet. He figured the King (Simba) would have his guards around or that annoying bird (Zazu) on full watch. But nope! It was his lucky day to get in easily.

Just as he is preparing himself to ambush, his 'girlfriend' Amne appears unexpectedly and falls down from a tree above.

Amne: (Falls, landing on back) "Ouch! That'll probably leave a mark..."

Hami: (Startled, feels confused) "Amne? What are you doing here in the Pride-Lands and not back home with the others? Did you follow me here?!"

Amne: (Slowly gets up) "I would like to ask you the same thing. Why are you in the Pride-Lands Hami? If Simba finds two outsiders in his land, he will kill us both! We need to get out of here now. It's not safe..."

Base: KibatheAlphaWolf & Disney(C).
Hami and Amne: ME(C).

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