Catching Up

Catching Up

After getting to know his father and liking him, Sani decides to bring his mother Kama too, to the Pride-Lands hoping that his parents can put their pasts to the side and be "cool" again as friends. Simba is 100% down for meeting up with his ex-mate, since it has been years when he last seen her. I wonder how she is doing and is looking forward to seeing her "privately" from Pride Rock. He doesn't want Nala or the others knowing about Kama juuuust yet. Having them ask him multiple questions about Sani is enough pressure.

Kama waits patiently at the Pride-Lands border line to meet Simba. Shortly he arrives and her eyes light up with both excitement and surprise. She has not seen Simba since they were much younger adults, the time when he was leaving the jungle to go defeat his uncle to become King. That was so many years ago. No Simba has a bigger, long mane and is large in muscle. He still looks handsome. Simba gives her a goofy grin. The two exchange a small huge and discussed old times and catching up with each other. Both revealed that they have their own families. Kama finds it cool that she is friends with a King. Simba thanks her for raising Sani and wish he would have known much sooner about his existence. He'd wished to have been there at the birth and Sani's child-hood. Those are important times to be a part of. Kama apologies and reminded Simba that it is never too late for him and Sani to have a father-son relationship. Simba gives it some thought and smiles.

Base: Aroshae (C), (Deviant Art).
Simba: Disney(C).
Kama and Sani: ME(C).

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