Sitka and his step-son Sani (Kama's son by Simba) are on a afternoon stroll together having a father/son bonding moment. They've been catching up on things since Sani has returned home (still not permanently). Sani unexpectedly has found out from his half-sister Noni (KamaXSitka) that their mother Kama is expecting another litter. This is shocking news for Sani. He thought Noni is the last born. Apparently, his mother is still fertile and he is about to be another big brother once again. He confronts Sitka right away, but not in a bad way. He wants to here the news for himself by forcing it out of Sitka.

Sani: "Is it true that you and mom are expecting another cub?"

Sitka: "Uh no Sani, why you asked?"

Sani: "A little birdie told me and gave up the surprise. You guys are terrible at secrets!"

Sitka: "Oh alright, you got me there son haha. Yes, your mother is pregnant again. She really wanted more cubs since you've left and so did Noni. Noni felt alone and needed another companion. So thus, this happened!"

Sani: "Congrats to the both of you again! Noni becoming a big sister is going to be very entertaining to watch! "

Sitka: "Thank you! And i've said the same thing. She is so use to being the youngest. Let's see how she will do..."


Base: Lion Obsession (C), (Deviant Art and TLK Animation Source).

Background: Disney(C).

Kama, Sani: Me(C).

Noni, Sitka: Sierra (C), (TLK Animation Source).

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July 29, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
It is! Lol, I could not resist. :D I am creating the twin sister now as we speak.

July 29, 2019
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Omg haha this base is perfect for them lol

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