Brother Talk

Brother Talk

To start off, I am very pleased of how this turned out. This is actually my second time rendering two screen shots and fitting them in one scene. It took me about almost 3 hours to complete without any interruptions. I am getting better, just need a few more practices hehe. What do you guys think? Should I do more? Please comment :D


This is a continuation to one of my images in my gallery called, "Couple Argument" featuring Chinua and his mate 'Audre'. Here, we have both brothers Kimoni (left) and Chinua (right) having a sibling talk about what happened in the argument and Kimoni giving friendly advice on what the couple should do next.

"I think you both should give each other space. Give enough time to cool yourselves down before you can actually have a real conversation with each other." Kimoni recommends. "Don't give up so easily. I know how quickly tempered you can get Chinua."

Chinua frowns. "It's just so frustrating. She always takes my words the wrong way. I never blamed her for our cub's death. It's no one's fault. Im just hurting that is all and I need time to heal from it..."

"That is understandable. But haven't you thought of Audre being hurt too? Both of you clearly are and you both are attacking each other to handle your hurt in a negative way. You guys lost something very close. But life does give second chances...have you two ever discussed about trying for another one?"

"No...I was afraid to ask Audre because, I didn't want to rush her grieving and also I don't know if she wants another one."

Kimoni placed a paw on his brother's shoulder and gave him a small reassuring smile, "I think she would if you both talk about it. It would not hurt to ask. But first, apologize. Be the mature lion and try to work things out. You both love each other deeply, I figured that out easily the day you've brought her home. It would be a shame to end a wonderful relationship..."

Chinua sighs and said, "Your'e right brother...thank you. I hope things will turn out well."

"It will trust me. Stop stressing yourself, now come for bed."


Base, render, Kimoni, Chinua, Audre: Me(C).

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July 25, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Haha, same here. I completed my summer semester, i have free time until august 24th xD And thank you so much! Yes, I have been experimenting a lot trying to do more in my renders and which size lines i prefer best :MufasaBigSmile:

July 25, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
I've been such a ghost. This is awesome Sky, I see you're experimenting again with two screenshots in one go. This looks fantastic! Keep up the amazing work my friend :3

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