Be Careful

Be Careful

Recap From The Book:

Amne decides to go get a quick drink of water before bed. She was on her way exiting the cave until her sister Oyana, stops her.

Oyanna: "Where are you going, Amne?"
Amne: "To the river for a short drink."
Oyanna: *Looks uncomfortable* "Should I come with you?"
Amne: "No, I will be fine. I know how to get there and back, I will be quick I promise!"
Oyanna: *Looks unsure* "I dont's our first night sleeping here. Maybe I should go!"
Amne: "No Oyanna, I will be okay. Trust me! Just stay up until I come back."
Oyanna: "Alright, be careful!"
Base: TrueLightPortal (C), Deviant Art.
Background: Disney, TLK (C).
Oyanna and Amne: ME (C).

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