Be Careful With My Sister

Be Careful With My Sister

Hami and Oyanna were both sent to guard the remaining area; while Zira and some of the other lionesses had gone out to hunt. This is the early stages of Oyanna first getting to know Prince Hami (her sister Amne's mate). As any older sibling, she is protective over her young sister and only wants the best for. She eyes Hami suspiciously and hopes that he is with Amne for the long-run, not just some temporary relationship.

Oyanna: 'Be careful with my sister, Prince. I know how you royals can behave...'

Hami: 'Of course! I would never hurt Amne. Her sweet smile is intoxicating, her warm caress is calming, and her beauty is breathtaking. She is simply amazing Oyanna.'

Oyanna: **Chuckles** 'Heh, I see why she's fall hard for you. You have a good way of descriptive words to impress your lioness. That is very cute!'

Hami: **Smirks** 'Thanks! I've been practicing...and you do know that I am no longer title Prince right since I left home?'

Hami, Amne, and Oyanna: ME(C).

Base: TrueLightPortal (C).

Background: Disney and PrinceVoldy-TLK (C).

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