An Unpleasant Meeting

An Unpleasant Meeting

Uma: "Look what you've done! You messed up my plan, the zebras got away."

Damisi: "I-Im sorry. I had no idea that you were-"

Uma: "Who are you anyway? Just get out of here, your'e lucky that I am not the King you've come across..."

Damisi took Uma's hash words and walked off hurt. He did not mean to mess up her hunt, he just wanted to introduce himself and ask more about the unknown area (Pride-Lands). Clearly, things have gotten down hill quickly.

He wanted to make things up and decided to hunt a zebra for her. So, he did just that and surprised her with one. Uma was completely stunned and this time approached Damisi in a more softer, relaxed state. She thanks him and apologizes. She offered him a meal by sharing what "he caught". Damisi accepted her kindness and happily joined. It has been a long while since he last ate a zebra. When your a rogue, you don't eat delicious prey like zebra often!

Base/Render: Me(C).
Damisi: Me(C).
Uma: Sierra(C), (TLK Animation Source).

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