An Awkward Conversation

An Awkward Conversation

Kovu: "Come on Kheri, are you still mad at me about Zahara? That was years ago. I am with Kiara now!"
Kheri: "Yeah, but it still sort of she doesn't wait to date anyone including myself due to what you've done to her. I literally have no chance now!"
Kovu: "Look for the hundredth time, I am sorry. I was young then...I didn't know what to do or what I wanted. Besides, you know Zahara and I were shipped to be together since birth. That was my mother's choice. Now that time has changed, I am more comfortable and happier with Kiara."
Kheri: "Hmph, does not seem like it to me...based on you and Zahara's recent meet up, Tamu told me he caught you guys nuzzling secretly!"
Kovu: "What? It wasn't an affectionate nuzzle, more of an friendly gesture if you put it that way."
Kheri: "Pfft, you both will always share feelings with each other."

Base/Background: TazzzyDevilSixtyNine (C), (Deviant Art).
Kheri: Me(C).
Kovu: Disney(C).

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