A Start Of A 'Closer' Friendship

A Start Of A 'Closer' Friendship

Kheri finds his friend Princess Zahara crying on a rock alone. He wonder what's wrong and pad his way slowly over. Zahara sniffs and wipes her eyes dry with her paw.

Kheri: "Hey there Princess! What seems to be the matter?"
Zahara: "Oh, hey Kheri! Its nothing much..."
Kheri: "Well, it has to be something for you to be crying! Dont worry, I wont tell anyone."
Zahara: "Swear?"
Kheri: "Swear."
Zahara: "Well...you know I sort of had a small thing with the Prince...I've heard he's new best friends with the Pride-Lands Princess Kiara. It all makes sense why Kovu stopped playing with me whenever I asked him to wrestle."
Kheri: "Oh...so sorry to hear. Yes, its so obvious that you favor Kovu a lot out of all the cubs, Zahara. But don't worry , you still Tamu, Vitani, Spotty, Dotty, and I!"
Zahara: "I guess so."
Kheri: "Now wipe away those tears. You're too pretty to stain your fur."
Zahara: "Heh, you're right. Thanks Kheri! Want to play?"
Kheri: "Sure! I was waiting for you to ask."
Base: Rethza(C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Disney(C).
Kheri and Zahara: ME(C).

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