A Small Dispute

A Small Dispute

Hami: "Zira, you should watch what you say to Nuka. He is still a cub and appears to be very sensitive! I heard him crying alone earlier."

Zira: "Hami, when you have children of your own someday, you raise them how you want. This is my cub and trust me he will be just fine! Please, mind your own business..."

Hami: "Why are you behaving at him like this? Even the lionesses are noticing your sudden change..."

Zira: *Growls* "Because he is a failure that's why! It is clear to me now why Scar did not make him his heir. He is weak and overly sensitive, something a King can not be. A King must be strong and tough, never backing down at his enemies. Nuka is soft as a flower!"

Hami does not say anything but sigh. Zira leaves the scene.

Zira: "Dont ever ask me anything else about my son..."

Base: TrueLightPortal (C), Deviant Art.
Zira and background: Disney(C).
Hami: Me(C).

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