A Growing Bond

A Growing Bond

Okay guys! I just thought of this wild idea. Since Hami joined Zira's "early" growing pride in the Out-Lands, what if Hami had grown a special bond with cub Nuka (at the time)? In my universe, Zira began to abandon Nuka every since she turned out "insane" and "obsessed" of trying to get rid of Simba. Hami thought it was wrong of her to behave in such a terrible way towards her own child, so he wanted to comfort Nuka and become his companion.

I can actually see this happening because Hami is such a sweet caring soul <3 He can be like Nuka's fake-pretend older brother that looks after him :D (Just a random theory, I might add this into my fan-fic because I love where this is going!!!).

Hami: "Hey, cheer up champ! Your mother still loves you. She is going through a difficult time right now, you will understand someday why. Dont take it too personal okay?"

Nuka: "Okay, I will try. Thanks!" *Pulls in for a hug*

Hami: *Smiles and hugs back* "No problem kiddo! If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here."
Base: AmyKirkland (C), Deviant Art.
Hami: ME(C).
Nuka: Disney (C).

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