A Great Understanding

A Great Understanding

Kiara has been watching for a while now of how Zamrez and her very close friend Pendo are getting secretly close together. Since cubhood, Kiara has been betrothed to Zamrez.

But of course when she met Kovu as a cub and reunited with him, things had taken a turn. She developed a huge crush on Zira's son but did not know how to tell Zamrez or her father about it.

So, she decided to come clean and tell Zamrez first, since he might be more understanding and happier about it, unlike her father who probably would feel very uncomfortable with her dating his enemy's son.

Kiara: "Um, Zamrez...can we talk privately above Pride Rock?"

Zamrez: "Sure, Princess!"

Kiara: "I wanted to talk to you about-"

Zamrez: "Pendo? Yeah I know this day would come. I apologize Kiara. I know we were set to marry each other since we were cubs. But when I am with Pendo, she just makes me feel so great and lucky inside. She is such fun! We like the same things and have similar ideas. She is like my missing half! No offense..."

Kiara: "Haha, none taken! I am glad that you have found someone more compatible with. Which is why, I want us to both talk to my father to end this engagement. I wish to be with Kovu. I am in love with him, crazy as it sounds!"

Zamrez: "You think King Simba will approve of that, Kiara? You know how he feels about outsiders...."

Kiara: "Which is why I need you to help me persuade him. My father likes you a lot Zamrez. He will trust your words. Come on!"

Zamrez: "I guess...I don't like where this is going though...."

Base: Dibowie(C), DA.
Background: Prince-Voldy (C), DA.
Kiara: Disney(C).
Zamrez: Me(C).

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