A Confession

A Confession

Kovu is very disappointed and upset at his ex-mate Zahara for not telling him that he is a father. The two share 2 children together and Zahara had kept the secret hidden good for years. The reason it had gotten out now is because their daughter "Amana" went to go search for Kovu.

Kovu admittedly met up with Zahara in his old home, the Out-Lands where she still currently lives. He confronted her off guard.

Kovu: "Zahara, why did'nt you tell me that I have a son and daughter?"

Zahara: "Because, it's not important. I wanted you to be happy Kovu and for you to enjoy your new life with the Princess...I want my kids to enjoy their lives here."

Kovu: "And? So what! Kiara does not have a part or word in this. We could have co-parent. I would had LOVED to experience being a father in their lives. Now our children hate me because they view me as an absent no-good father!"

Zahara: "Okay Kovu calm down. I am sure we can both figure some things out..."

Kovu: "We need to form a family meeting. Me, you, and the children. They deserve to know the truth that I am innocent!"

Zahara: "No, you are not innocent Kovu. It was your decision to leave the Out-Lands and everything else behind, including me. You put that Princess first before your OWN pride. How can I trust you to stick around in their lives?"

Kovu does'nt say anything. He is speechless and gasp. He is stunned to hear these words from Zahara. He can hear the hurt in her voice and see the boiling anger in her eyes. That is finally when he realizes that he'd miss out on a beautiful family.

(Whewww, talk about drama haha! I have been wanting to do this for a while now and had came up with more new ideas for these two)

Base: Me(C).
Kovu and Original Image: Disney(C).
Zahara: Me(C).

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