Vitani - Edit

Vitani - Edit

so vitani's adult appearance in the lion guard bugged me quite a bit.

i absolutely love that she was included, and the concept of her being the leader of the lion guard is really nice. in general i just really like the inclusion of canon from the second movie instead of completely disregarding it.

that said though, i dont really like her adult design and colours. her cub design was pretty fine, but her adult version.... i feel like they tried to soften her too much? like idk tlk 2 vitani aint all pretty and soft. i also think her voice doesnt quite match - was actually really surprised it was the same voice actress, admittedly her cub actress but even so. she doesnt have the same growl that "where's your pretty daughter nala?" has.

anyway, decided to have a go at editing a screenshot. she still feels too soft here, but i did make a good few changes. most notably her colours ( theyre like, really dull in the lion guard), her face shape, adding her ear rims, and making her hair a little flatter (legit its just one big POOF in the show. like hol up).

original image for comparison:

also credit to NamyGaga on dA for her colours, since i couldnt find a good enough screenshot of her original movie colours

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October 07, 2019
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
They pretty much changed every character's personality from SP so I wasn't surprised that they did the same with Vitani too. To me, Vitani's (censored) design in TLG is really ugly, compared to SP. She looked better even with the tomboyish look in SP. Making her more feminine or soft just...'destroyed' her design.

October 07, 2019
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