Anga Redesign

Anga Redesign

these are actually so relaxing to do. thought id give anga a try
i kinda feel bad about htis one. ig because its like im basically completely changing anga to the point there's very little left of her - but in fairness, anga is probably the one that needs the most doing to her
i first thought it was odd that she was purple, but then after like a minimal amount of research (im lazy) apparantly martial eagles can look "plum" coloured in certain lights - so i guess for the sake of it being a cartoon her colours are more saturated.
that said tho, i did wanna give her some more natural colours. she's also supposed tobe a teenager, i think? so i based her markings/colours more on juvenile martial eagles rather than fully grown ones.
in addition to the obvious changes to colours and markings, i also added a proper beak (it just kinda blends into her face in her official design and thats a lil strange tbh)- as well as flattening her plumage a touch, and giving her some more floof. oh, and changed the wings shape - mostly because the way they're shaped really bugged me
original image again, for comparison:

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