Precious Boy

Precious Boy

"And where are you off to in such a hurry, Sarafina?" A low growl escaped Scar's throat as he stood over the edge of Pride Rock.

"Scar!" Sarafina whipped her head around to see the lion she viewed as a tyrant. "My cubs need to learn how to hunt if they are to contribute to the pride. You understand that, don't you?" She quickly collected herself.

"Nala won't struggle to fit into my pride, Sarafina. She'll have plenty of opportunities to contribute. It's Mheetu you should be worried about." Scar jumped down to Sarafina's level. His tone was cold.

"What do you mean? He can help hunt or guard the border." Sarafina felt her fur stand up.

"Males can't hunt nearly as well as a female, and I have the hyenas to guard the border." Scar started pacing around Sarafina. "He can't be my heir as he's not of my blood. I hope you didn't give him any ideas, that he could ever be king." The dark lion growled again.

"Taji never wanted that for his children. It was his father that made those arrangements." Sarafina watched the lion circle around her.

"Ah, yes, that's right. Nala's betrothal is off because of the previous tragedy. She'd make a fine mother, if not queen." Scar started climbing back up Pride Rock.

"If you lay a paw on my daughter-"

"Sarafina, like I told you before, it's Mheetu that you should be worried about." Scar turned to face the lioness one last time. "You better hope something doesn't happen to your precious boy."


Just a little scene I wanted to do. I tried a new rendering style, so hopefully it looks okay.

This occurred during Scar's reign when he saw Mheetu as a threat to the throne and decided it was time to prepare Sarafina for the worst.

Also, the dialogue hints quite a bit Taji's backstory in my universe.


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Thanks, Wild Wind!

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Kiburi Baaydaye
Ahhh you did such a good job!! The art is wonderful and the story is even better! You did an excellent job :NalaHeart:

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