Visting the tree of life

Visting the tree of life

Kijivu visting the tree of life to tell kion the news that kiara is expecting cubs.

i have a theroy that kion is a maneless male , because when he returns to the pridelands hes about the size of the subadult females of simbas pride and not much smaller simba and nala so he himself would be sub adult (Im guessing hes about a 6 months younger then kiara), the only problem with this is how hes maneless could just be a random genetics which has been known to happen but his travel and his poisoning could also be the cause, i am leaning to random genetics

this also make baliyo a large male (I like the idea of this) perhaps his larger size is the reason hes pigeon toed or maybe defects just run in the family since rani her self is roach backed just something to think about

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January 13, 2020
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Ooo nameless kion is such a cool idea ! And it makes sense! I love this x:KiaraHearts:

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