Mufasa color ref

Mufasa color ref

i'v wanted to do this for a while, i tried doing it in paint but the colours never turned out right . So my normal way it is!

i forgot his nose fade but it wasn't in the cap i used , i might edit this in later.
his colours look a little faded to me , not sure if i just used a bad screencap for his colours, if my program did it when it saved or i'm just use to seeing him in worse screencaps. (i went out of my way to find the best ones for this)
Mufasa seems to have two different colours in screencaps i have seen, at some point i might compare these but for now , one set have him with more of a cream look to his undercoat with the other making it more yellow (as i used)
I did have a look at fan images of Mufasa to see which was more used but it seems to be 50/50,What i find interesting is that people who use 'yellow' Mufasa tend to use cream simba, i like this as it makes simba less of a clone of his father.

This is free to use, if you wish to post it off AS please just link back to here

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