"Shut up."

When the battle was over, and the rains were gone, the weather was once again getting sunny and warm, and prince Thabo and his childhood friend Ayana were lounging around Pride rock, talking about everything that had happened and how their relationship had changed since they were cubs. The biggest change could be seen in Thabo, who had grown from a reckless and immature cub into a responsible young lion who now took his duties as prince very seriously.

- Hey, um, Ayana? Thabo began, breaking a moment of silence.

- Yeah? she asked, turning towards him. The prince. looking down on his paws, sighed, and cleared his throat a bit.

- About the way I acted when I was younger... I, um, want you to know that I...

He paused for a minute, and sighed.

- I didn't mean to act so immaturely and recklessly, and if I ever did anything that hurt you, or upset you... I'm really sorry.

Ayana never could have expected to hear those words from him, but instead of looking surprised, she just chuckled, and moved in closer to him.

- Hey... she begun, and nudged her head under Thabo's chin, causing his eyes to widen up from surprise.

- Shut up already, she whispered with a warm tone, closed her eyes and started purring, Thabo felt a warm feeling inside him, began smiling and closed his eyes, and the two continued to nuzzle, forgetting everything around them...

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