"Kovu is waiting for you."

After spending a few days in his new home, the Pride lands, Zemar was roaming and exploring when he bumped into Kiara.

- Hey, Zemar! How are you liking the Pride lands? she asked with a smile, as she walked to him.

- I really like it here. But you know, I think I could use a proper, guided tour around the lands, said Zemar with a grin.

- Well, maybe I could give you such a tour one of these days, she smiled. Zemar looked at her, smiled and cleared his throat.

- So... how about right now?

- I'd love to, but I promised to meet with Kovu.

After hearing this name, Zemar's smile started to fade.

- Oh, right, of course... I wouldn't want to keep you from seeing your mate.

Kiara chuckled.

- My mate? Kovu's not my mate, she said, and Zemar raised a brow.

- But, your brother said...
- Oh, Thabo was just teasing. Shouldn't take him too seriously, Kiara chuckled, and Zemar let out a small smile.

- So... you like him, though?

- Well, yeah, he's okay, for a rogue. Kinda like you, Kiara smiled, and now Zemar's smile faded away again and he turned his head.

- Actually, I'm more of a refugee, rather than a rogue.

- Oh, Zemar, I'm sorry, I didn't...

- It's okay, I'm.. I'll be fine. You should, you should go now. Kovu's waiting for you."

And all of a sudden, Zemar just took off, without saying anything else, leaving Kiara looking after him with confused eyes.

Zemar (c) Me
Kiara, original image (c) Disney

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