"I am Thabo."

A fierce roar flew through the air, putting the battle between the Pridelanders and Outlanders to a halt. Everyone's eyes were directed at the golden pelt and red maned lion standing on top of the rock - the king's son, Thabo.

- Thabo? You're alive! Simba called out, relieved to see his son unharmed.

- Who's that? hissed one of the Otlander lionesses as Thabo climbed down the rock, stepping forward boldly.

- I am Thabo, he spoke with a courageous voice.
- Son of Simba.

- It's the prince. Kill him! shouted Zira with a growl, and a group of Outlanders started circling the prince, who growled and watched all of their movements carefully, preparing to fight.

- Wait! called Kovu's voice suddenly, as he emerged from behind the lionesses and walked towards Thabo with a smirk.

- I'll handle the prince myself, he said with an evil grin, lowering his head and positioned himself ready to lunge, while Thabo bared his teeth and roared, the two males now faced each other eye to eye and were ready to fight until death.

- Time to finish what we started, huh, your highness?

Ooooooo! Lol, just a little scene I came up with, based on Thabo's bio. That line of his, however, was strongly inspired by a scene in the TLK remake ha ha. Anyway, this is where he arrives to the scene of the battle of Pridelanders and Outlanders after recovering the fall into the river while fighting Kovu. Oh, and did I mention, in my alternative universe Kovu is evil? Lol

Thabo (c) Me
Original image (c) Disney

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