Hey, I know you

Hey, I know you

Haki froze in his tracks as he heard a voice calling out, turned and saw the lioness he adored approaching him.
- You're Nala's brother, right? she asked with a smile, Haki looked at the princess with his mouth slightly open, then cleared his throat and tried to pull himself together.
- Yes, that's right... Hello, princess, he greeted her with a shy tone, and Dafina chuckled.
- Call me Dafina. And you are...?
- ...Haki.
- Well, pleased to meet you, Haki.

Haki sneaked over to Pride rock to talk to Dafina, but the poor guy got cold feet. But just as he was about to leave, Dafina appeared and came over to him, and the poor guy froze. Lol.

Oh wow I love how this turned out. Hope you like it, Sierra.

Dafina (c) Sierra
Haki (c) Me
Images (c) Disney

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May 18, 2019
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Big bad mods.
It sure did lol And yeah aren't they? I sure loved rendering them together

May 18, 2019
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
They are literally so cute together :) poor Haki lol cat got his tougne lol

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