"Get Back Here!"

- Will you just tell me what you want from me already?! Roscoe insisted angrily, after Lagiza had taken him even deeper into the underground. The larger lion chuckled, and sat down in front of the cub - seeming more calm rather than threatening.

- Such an impatient one you are. Very well then, Lagiza began, with a sneaky smile.

- You're a very brave cub. You have the same bravery as your father did. I failed to make him my minion, but you... Lagiza took a break, and his smile widened, - you're young, and your mind is going to be much easier to take over. Just like I did with your friend, Zeke.

Roscoe let out a small growl, as he knew all along that Zeke would never have betrayed him and the pride.

- I knew it, I knew you did something to him! And you might as well just kill me, because I will never be your minion! the cub yelled boldly, and Lagiza let out a raspy laugh.

- My boy, I have no reason whatsoever to kill you. All I need to do, is keep you here long enough for me to be able to get inside that young mind of yours, and trust me, I have my ways, he smiled, and took a few steps closer to the cub, who backed away.

- Now then... come to uncle Lagiza, continued Lagiza with a manic smile, and reached his paw to grab the little cub. Roscoe raised his eyebrows, gasped quietly and swung his paw at the older lion - who growled, swinging his head to the side with three small, but stinging lashes on his cheek.

- You little rat! shouted Lagiza, and Roscoe turned and ran - but Lagiza grabbed his tail and pulled him back towards himself. But Roscoe was not going to come peacefully, he turned himself around, reached out and sank his little but all the more sharper teeth into Lagiza's paw.

The larger lion roared, lifting his paw which made Roscoe loose his grip and fall to the ground, and this was the cub's chance - so he ran. He ran like he'd never run before in his life.

- Get back here! Lagiza's voice roared after him.

Lagiza (c) Pawface
Roscoe (c) Me
Original images (c) Disney

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February 29, 2020
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Thank you both!! ^^ I had a lot of fun rendering Lagiza, despite having some trouble with getting his face paint right so that's really good to hear :)

And oh yup, Roscoe's definitely proving to be a tough costumer lol I'm enjoying this story a lot too! Can't wait for the next turn of events :icon300:

February 29, 2020
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Omg, this is soo Lagiza! Yikes, you've made him look amazing and really frightening at the same time :icon304: and his ears and paint look perfect!
Poor Roscoe! He is so brave despite the scary situation he is in O.o
Really enjoying this story! Epic work! :icon307:

February 29, 2020
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Oooh! Wow. Especially can't stop looking at Lagiza's face paint - you did an excellent job with him in all aspects!

This is getting so good :icon307: Well, for me as a reader that is - not so much for Roscoe, Zeke and the rest! Still, things are looking up a bit :icon78:

Great storyline from you and Pawface - well thought out! Roscoe's protest, Lagiza's grab at him,
etc. Very good!

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