Dark Clouds Pt 7: Fading Hope

Dark Clouds Pt 7: Fading Hope

While Luca and Allie continued their journey with their new companion and positive attitudes, back home in the Isu Keeney pride things weren't all that cheerful. Prince Kaleb's condition had taken a turn to worse; His fever was rising, his breathing had gotten slow and raspy, and it was a struggle to get him to stay awake for more than 5 minutes. All in all, the prince was in a very weak shape. His parents were of course heart broken, and they had no idea how to help their son, they could only stay by his side and keep up hope, which was slowly starting to fade. Sera particularly was nearing a break down, and the fact that their daughter was still missing certainly didn't help...

- Hey, how is he? asked Roscoe, returning to the den and to his mate, who sighed.

- He's been sleeping all day again... I've tried talking to him, but I don't know if he can hear me, she said with a desperate voice.

- I'm sure he can, said Roscoe, who walked over to his mate and sat down beside her.

- I think it's important that we keep talking to him... to make sure he knows we're here for him, Roscoe spoke with a quiet and calm voice, and Sera sighed, lowering her head.

- Oh Roscoe... How much more heart ache can this family take? We can't do anything to help Kaleb, and we don't know where Allie is... her voice began to tremble, and she closed her eyes, as a small tear rolled down her cheek.

- Hey, hey... Roscoe quickly rushed to comfort his mate, and nuzzled her.

- Listen... our son is a fighter, just like you and me. I know he'll pull through this, but he needs our support, he said, and Sera sniffed and leaned towards her mate.

- As for Allie, you don't have to worry about her, she's safe with Luca. Or rather, he's safe with her, Roscoe tried to jokingly lighten up the mood, with a smile, and Sera let out a small chuckle, and buried her face into his mane. Her mate always knew what to say to cheer her up and make her feel better, but still, Sera's heart was restless and filled with worry - and as if things weren't stressful enough, she was also quite literally carrying a secret she hadn't told anyone yet, not even Roscoe... she was pregnant. And she had no idea how to tell him...

Sera (c) Bulbasaur
Roscoe, Kaleb (c) Me
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March 14, 2021
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Big bad mods.
Wind - Indeed! But wait till you see the next scene... :ScarGrin: lol

March 14, 2021
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Naww! Things are getting more interesting and dramatic!

March 08, 2021
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Big bad mods.
Bulba - I know! I warned this would be an emotional scene! Yes they really have, but this just proves how strong their love is, for both each other and their family. Thank you so much, so glad you like it!

Sie - Ha ha thanks. :) Lets just hope nothing goes wrong... :ScarFaceChange:

March 08, 2021
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
I can’t wait to see the new babyyyy :)

March 08, 2021
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
Oh wow, this scene is so sad!! These two have really been through a lot, and they’re still staying strong! Love the story that goes with it!

Beautiful render! Poor Kaleb. :(

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