Dark Clouds Pt 6: Meeting The Guide

Dark Clouds Pt 6: Meeting The Guide

Part 6 is finally here! ~

- How could you get us lost? I thought you said you know the way to the Tree of life! shouted Allie, as Luca was confusingly looking around him.

- I don't... I mean, well, it's been a while, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, he stammered, and Allie scoffed.

- Great, this is just great. Now what are we supposed to do? she asked with a frustrated tone. Luca looked at her, but then heard some rumbling in the grass, and raised an eyebrow.

- Well... for starters, we might as well have a lunch break. Get ready to see a master hunter in action, he said, and lowered himself down, ready to sneak up on his prey.

- Oh brother, Allie rolled her eyes, Luca sneaked towards the grass, stopped, and then pounced with a loud roar - only to hear a scream and soon found a panicked meerkat in between his front paws.

- Don't eat me, please! I'm warning you, mate, I'm a close personal friend to king Kion, and if he hears about this, you'll be in big trouble! shouted the meerkat, and Luca raised his eyebrows.

- What? Did you say, Kion? The king of the Tree of life? Do you think I'm a fool? he growled, and raised a paw, ready to hit, but Allie rushed to the scene.

- Luca, wait! she calmed her friend down, and he looked at her, while the meerkat collected himself, and got up.

- Please excuse my friend. Did you say you know king Kion? Have you actually been to the Tree of life? she asked calmly, and the meerkat crossed his arms, and looked away.

- Maybe: that depends, who wants to know, he said, and the lions exchanged looks.

- Allie, you can't seriously believe this guy, Luca whispered.

- Shh! Allie hissed, and looked back at the meerkat.

- Listen, my brother is very ill, and the healer at the Tree of life may be his last hope. So, if you know the way, can you please take us there? she asked, with a calm and friendly but also worried tone. The meerkat looked away for a moment, but then turned towards the lioness.

- Hmm, I don't know... can you promise to keep him in line? he asked, with a raised eyebrow, and pointed at Luca, who rolled his eyes, and Allie chuckled.

- I promise, she said with a smile, and nudged Luca on the shoulder, and the male scoffed. The meerkat's face turned into a smile.

- Right, well, then it's agreed! Nigel is my name, and who may I call you, my new carnivore friends?

- My name is Allie, and my hot headed friend here is Luca, Allie introduced them with a smile.

- Yeah, a pleasure. But just so you know, if you try to trick us, I WILL eat you, Luca said calmly and with a raised eyebrow.

- I wouldn't have it any other way, mate, Nigel smiled, raising his hands and went on his way, and the lions looked at each other, then they followed their new guide.

Allie (c) Bulbasaur
Luca, Nigel (c) Me
Original images (c) Disney

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February 20, 2021
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Big bad mods.
Thanks Paw, I had a lot of fun with this scene! And yes he sure is! :KiaraLaugh:

February 20, 2021
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Wow, I just love the storytelling here! I could really see the how scene :P Amazing job as always and Nigel is such as character! :KiaraLaugh:

February 19, 2021
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Thanks so much Bulba!! I'm so glad you like it, I had a lot of fun with this one ha ha.

And yup, he's lucky indeed! Luca doesn't quite trust him yet lol

February 19, 2021
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
Wow, this is amazing! I love it so much. The render and the story!!

Poor Nigel was so so lucky Allie was there to put Luca in line lol

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